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Welcome to the Archimonde Alliance Guild <Bananas in Pajamas>! We are a raiding guild currently working on starting Gruul and Magtheridon after fully clearing Karazhan. The following is a compiliation of various guild policies and links to other key information on this website.

Guild Master:


Class Captains:
Starwrath - Druids
Ashyr - Rogues
Badandy - Warriors
Revenue - Shamans
Sabenn - Warlocks
Tunesmith - Priests
None - Hunters
Floriara - Mages
None - Paladins

Please go to our MPS rules to find out about our raiding information:

MPS/Loot Rules and Raiding Requirements

Players will be invited into the guild based on either the need of the guild for that class or a real life friend of a guild member. All invites should be cleared with the Class Captain and Officers.

Guild Invitation Polices

Currently we are accepting applications for all classes.

The following is BiP's guild structure with definitions:

NCasual - You are new to the guild and declare yourself to be a non raid. You will be evaluated on how you interact inside the guild and with others. You are not required to raid. If you do attend raids you can not loot over someone who is a raider but will receive mps for your efforts.

NRaider - You are new to the guild and declare yourself to be a future raider. You will be evaluated on how you interact inside the guild, with others, and most importantly how you raid. NRaider is the first step to becoming a Raider. (Your next promotion is Raider.)

AltChar - For our members alt characters. Be reasonable with how many alts you have in the guild.

Casual - You have been evaluated by the guilds officers/peers, typically a several month period, and have the desired qualities or a member of BiP. Official member of BiP.

Raider - You have declared yourself as a Raider and have earned and proven your worth in the raid.

RaidCap - This rank is for members of the guild who have the desire to organize and help lead raids. A Raider must prove themselves worthy of this rank.

ClassCap - Captain of their perspective class. Certain Class Captains may be responsible for multiple classes. Responsible for evaluating the new recruites and their performance inside and out the raid. Is informed on all of BiP's raiding encounters and the role his class plays in them. Helps determine probation periods along with officers and GL. Vouches for their class initiates to move into the guild as members end of trail period. First step in the chain of command.

There may be multiple ClassCaps for a class, but there is a chain of command on which captain is the primary, secondary, etc... Also, this rank is used to as "AltChar" tag for the Officers for the purpose of officer chat permissions. You'll need to consult the ClassCap roster for details.

Officers - officers that help make decisions and lead the guild.

GMaster - Morluck.

All complaints, issues, questions you have are directed up the chain of command. The Captain of your class is who you turn to with problems. If your issue can not be resolved by the Captain it then goes to an Officer. (Do not aproach an Officer with your problems, that's the Captains job.)

If someone in game asks about BiP, such as policies or something, simply refer them to this website:

Also, if something happens outside the guild and someone wants to complain about a member or anything of that sort (hopefully this will never happen) then please refer them to here to post. Do not tell them to talk to an officer, please tell them to post their complaint or issue here.

Last Note: To Get Access to the Private Forums, please read this:

Starwrath - Druid Class Captain <Bananas in Pajamas>
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