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Why rules? Simple, we don't have all day to raid (we got jobs, family, porn, etc). It means that for those 3-4 hours that we raid, we will be focused. Stupid wipes = no fun

1. Come prepared before coming to raids. It means that bring consumables (flasks, pots, oils, sharpener, foods), proper raid gears/resist gears, buff reagents, and read strats. Our time is as precious as your. If you waste our time consistantly, you won't be invited to our raids.

2. Have proper spec for raids. Please do not make officers correct your spec. There are only 1-2 specs (at the most) per class for raids. Make sure you have cookie cutter optimal spec for raids.

3. You must have vent to raid. No exceptions. Clear vent during progression raids. If you have suggestions, send private tells to your classcap.

4. If you are on sit list, stay on vent at all times. We will try to get you in if possible. Park your toon at the front of the instance and log out. It's good time to work on your alts.

5. Download bosskiller mods and omen threat meter and install/update them.

6. Properly enchant / gem your gears. I hate giving loots to scrubs who can't enchant their gears. If you're broke, you can't raid.

7. If you make a mistake, own up to it and move on. Do not hide it and make us try to figure out what went wrong. It will be faster if you just tell us what happened. We will definitely hate you less for your mistakes.

8. Invites will be given out based on class needs > skills > loot needs. Please do not come to me and say that you've been in the guild for a long time and that you need a spot.
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