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After easily clearing 2 wings in 10 man Naxx (with under geared toons), I say we have a good shot at clearing 10 man Naxx by next week.

Like I said before, I have limited time to play WoW. I can however play little bit on weekends... afterall I still find WoW interesting.

So with limited time and strong motivation to beat the game...

This is what I would like to see in our official raids:

1. Cookie cutter specs for raids - plz don't tell me some odd specs are good for dps/healing/tanking... there are very few specific builds that are optimal for raids. For dps, I want spec that would give you highest personal dps... for healing each class has specific build that works best for each class (i.e. pallies for single target heals, priests / shammies for raid heals etc). Know your class role and spec accordingly.

2. Bring consumables - Sometimes consumables become huge boost to your gears... my blues look epic after I have my flasks up.

3. Read strats and know what you're doing - more time I have to spend time explaining stuff... less time for farming purples.

4. Be alert and play smart - less wipes = more time for farming purples and more content. Being stupid really wastes time for everyone. In 25 man content, your death may mean wipe... everyone is counting on everyone to survive every fight... besides we won't get "Undying" achievement if you die.

5. Be on Time - Your time is as important as others. Be on time. Make sure you're ready to raid before the raid start time. If you won't have time to prepare before the raid, get it done the day before.

6. If you're on sit, park your toon in front of the raid instance and log out. - if you want someone to sit out for you so you can get gears, at least be courteous and not waste other people's time.
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