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Current Wrath of the Lich King [L80] Bosses:
Date of first kill in brackets (Normal - 10 man).

Arachnid Quarter: [January 4th, 2009]
Anub'Rekhan [January 4th, 2009]
Grand Widow Faerlina [January 4th, 2009]
Maexxna [January 4th, 2009]

Plague Quarter: [January 4th, 2009]
Noth the Plaguebringer [January 4th, 2009]
Heigan the Unclean [January 4th, 2009]
Loatheb [January 4th, 2009]

Military Quarter: [January 11th, 2009]
Instructor Razuvious [January 9th, 2009]
Gothik the Harvester [January 9th, 2009]
The Four Horsemen (Thane Korth'azz, Lady Blaumeux, Sir Zeliak, Baron Rivendare) [January 11th, 2009]

Construct Quarter: [January 9th, 2009]
Patchwerk [January 9th, 2009]
Grobbulus [January 9th, 2009]
Gluth [January 9th, 2009]
Thaddius [January 9th, 2009]

Frostwyrm Lair:
Sapphiron [January 11th, 2009]

Chamber of Aspects - The Obsidian Sanctum
Satharion [0 Drakes - January 4th, 2009]

The Eye of Eternity

Not Yet Available

Not Yet Available

Icecrown Citadel
Not Yet Available

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