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Frostknight - 60 Dwarf Paladin

ZG - 4/5 (Don't want the trinket, either)
AQ20 - 3/3
Tier 1 - Who cares? I had 7/8 and DE'd most of it.
Tier 2 - 8/8
Tier 2.5 - 2/5 (Avenger's Crown and Greaves)
Tier 3 - 0/9

NECK: Jindo's Evil Eye
SHOULDER: Mantle of the Desert Crusade, Wildgrowth Spaulders (+30 Healing)
BACK: Shroud of Pure Thought, Hide of the Wild (+70 Armor)
HANDS: Peacekeeper's Gauntlets (+30 Healing)
WAIST: Belt of the Fallen Emperor
RING 1: Pure Elementium Band
RING 2: Ring of the Martyr
TRINKET 1: Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon
TRINKET 2: Rejuvinating Gem, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thelas, Scrolls of the Blinding Light
MAIN HAND: Jindo's Hexxer, Hand of Edward the Odd (+55 Healing on Hexxer, +22 Int on Edward)
OFF-HAND: Lei of the Lifegiver, Malistar's Defender (+7 Stamina)
LIBRAM: Libram of Divinity, Libram of Grace

NECK: Fury of the Forgotten Swarm, Master Dragonslayer's Medallion
SHOULDER: Highlander's Lamellar Spaulders (+30 Attack Power)
BACK: Cloak of Draconic Might (+3 Agility)
WRIST: Hive Defiler Wristguards (+9 Stamina)
HANDS: Flameguard Gauntlets (+15 Agility)
LEGS: Sentinel's Lamellar Legguards (+8 Agility)
RING 1: Circle of Applied Force, Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight (Path of the Invoker, Exhalted)
RING 2: Don Julio's Band
TRINKET 1: Blackhand's Breadth, Hand of Justice
TRINKET 2: Zandalarian Hero Charm (Damage/Healing)
WEAPON: Herald of Woe (+25 Agility)

RING: Heavy Dark Iron Ring
OFF-HAND: Jagged Obsidian Shield, Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire

Fire Resistance: 169 unbuffed
Nature Resistance: 246 unbuffed
Frost Resistance: 108 unbuffed
Shadow Resistance: Why?

WISH LIST (In order of biggest to smallest upgrade)
Hammer of the Twisting Nether
Death's Bargain
Eye of Diminution
Redemption Tunic
Redemption Headpiece
Legplates of Blazing Light
Redemption Boots
Redemption Wristguards
Eyestalk Waistcord
Libram of Light
Redemption Spaulders
Cloak of Clarity
Ring of Redemption
Amulet of Vek'nilash

This stuff puts me around 1080 plus healing and 21% crit with spells.

Gnomish Engineering: 300
Mining: 300+5
First Aid: 300
Fishing: 300+15


LF Work 9-5.


Naxxrammas - 11/30/2006 - Full Duration
BWL - 12/02/2006 - Full Duration
Naxxrammas - 12/02/2006 - Full Duration, and I danced my ass off 3x
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 11:02 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 29 Nov 2006
Posts: 27

Monday December 12th - Naxxrammas Heigan Attempts
I will be leaving at 7:30 server, was told we only raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Have plans for Monday night.

...cuz its ballllaaaaa
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