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I will edit this post and sticky it when everything is finalized.

My proposal for 10 man loot rule is simple... free roll and some added rules.

BiP 10 man Loot Rules

1. All tank loots are not free rolled (including tier gears). They are passed to MT then OT then free roll.

2. Every regular raid members (including people who's been regularly sitting) have 2 wish list loots. They're loots that will enhance your raid performance... i.e. healing loots for healers... etc.
You will only roll against people who have that loot wish listed. You may post your wish lists from 10 man (for now) on your new player profiles. Do not wish list tier gears.

3. If we ever need to pug a player... everything will be free rolled.

4. If the raid instance that we run is on progression stage, healers will roll on healing gears only, tanks on tanking gears, dps on dps gears. All off spec gears will be free rolled after everything's been cleared and on farm status.

5. Mains get loots before alts.

I won't try to judge you on taking random gears, but don't be stupid... read some forums (elitistjerks forum is good source of info) and research on gears that would actually help you. Not all purples are good for your toon.

If you don't win rolls on certain items for a long time, don't worry... it's naxx 10 man... it's like kara loot... in 6 months, we will be de'ing these things on our alts.

Thank you.
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